June 2nd, 2012

Irish Daily Star Article



six-year-old girl grabbed all the plaudits during Listowel Writers' Week in Kerry yesterday when a limited edition of her debut book - the proceeds from which went to Enable Ireland - sold out completely in a matter of minutes.

Little Chloe O'Sullivan was born with spina bifida and she was inspired by a comment from a classmate who asked her why she was so different.


Chloe, from Farranfore, Co Kerry, joined forces with her devoted dad.Con, and within two months they'd penned The Fairy Who Was Different, which tells the story of a beautiful fairy who stood out from the others because she had a clipped wing.

Proud dad Con said: "My wife Elaine and I are so proud of our little girl and she never ceases to amaze us in everything she does."

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